We will buy your car (WBYC)


Will Buy Your Car (WBYC) is a trade-in value program from AutoNation where customers can obtain and a certified offer from AutoNation for their vehicle through a digital experience. The initial starting point presents the user with brief informational content and the request to provide their vehicle identification number. The customer’s information is required to properly email the offer and, if needed, follow up with a phone call. A vehicle of interest is optional in order to route the lead to the proper store

HTML Prototype:

User Journey

Diagram of the sequence of steps an online user needs to complete to receive a guaranteed offer by email.


The goal for this Trade-In Experience is provide customers with a clear, straight-forward experience that allows for understanding and dialing in trade-in value of their existing car that they can confidently share with their friends and family. We wanted to illustrate what the AutoNation’s future could become by showcasing the “Trade-In Playground” for both tablet and mobile.


Final Designs