AutoNation Compass Next


Since 1998, Compass Web Application is AutoNation’s proprietary Lead Management Tool. Compass is the fundamental tool of AutoNation Sales and is a strategic component of a peerless multi-channel experience being used on all 265 AutoNation stores by around 5,000 Sales Associates, 1,200 Sales Managers and 800 CFS Managers.

My Role:

I worked closely with the product owner, project managers, and developers to help create this version of Compass Next. From a team of 3 UX/UI designers on this project, I was responsible for design the analytics responsive dashboard, as well the worst case scenario for Lead Detail and logs screen pages. I collaborated on every step of the design process doing competitive analysis, interviewing users, sketching initial ideas, refining into wireframes, and turning them into high definition mockups.


Compass doesn’t clearly point out areas of opportunities and Sales people rely on managers to tell them what areas their struggling in. Managers spend a lot of time reviewing planners, running reports, looking at logs, and individual leads to identify areas of opportunity on their team. Sales Associates don’t always follow the sales process and it takes time to find the leads that they didn’t follow the process. Typically no one is trained 100% on Compass. Associates spend a lot of time using multiple applications.

(Screenshots of Previous Compass Version )


Design a dashboard customized for Sales Associates and Sales Managers to quickly identify current performance and areas of opportunity with Intuitive and modern User Interface helping to Streamline the sales process in Compass for fewer clicks. Build intelligence into Compass that identifies when someone doesn’t follow the sales process and adding more data into Compass eliminating the need to use multiple systems eliminitating the opening of third party applications.


The beginning phase of the project involved several Discovery meetings between stakeholders and management. As you could see on the images above Compass is web-based running on old and dated user interface. I worked together with the UX Architect for the bulk of the planning. Then it was left to me for the design phase. Here are a bunch of wireframes I refined from initial sketches I worked on.

Final Designs